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Osho on Meditation



    Introduction to Meditation for Beginners

  1. Osho Meditation Videos
  2. Why Meditate Why Seek
  3. What is Meditation by Osho
  4. Osho on Meditation and Concentration
  5. Why can a man not become meditative?
  6. In the beginning, effort will be there in Meditation
  7. Watching is meditation. What you watch is irrelevant by Osho
  8. With the disappearance of the Mind all desires disappear (Osho)
  9. Osho on Meditation - Relationship of Consciousness and Energy
  10. Watch, Don't try to stop. There is no need to do any action against Mind (Osho)
  11. Osho Meditation Quotes  Pearl 1Pearl2Part 3, Part4
  12. Buddha's Quotes on Meditation Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
  13. Swami Rama on Meditation for Children
  14. Swami Rama on Mindfulness and Attention
  15. Swami Rama - There is no Instant Meditation Method
  16. Swami Rama on Stillness in Meditation and meditation posture
  17. Beloved Osho, What is the best way to encourage people in Meditation?
  18. Jiddu Krishnamurti on What is Meditation. Meditation is to live a diligent life
  19. Jiddu Krishnamurti Discourse on Difference in Prayer, Meditation, Concentration

        Know Your Mind

  1. What is Mind
  2. Osho Quotes on Mind  Part1,  Part2,  Part3,  Part4
  3. Osho on difference between Conditioning and Discipline?
  4. Beloved Osho - Can you speak on Discipline and Meditation?
  5. If Education becomes involved with Meditation it becomes Religious
  6. Misunderstanding is certainly natural to human mind. Mind is a Misunderstanding
  7. I feel so much resistance against meditation and I don't have this desire for god
  8. Osho - Life exists in polarities and mind exists in one part of the polarity; thatís why mind is false