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Osho Zen Teachings - Osho on Zen and Zen Masters

  1. Why is Zen Paradoxical
  2. Osho on Ten Bulls of Zen
  3. What is the Zen Approach towards Sex?
  4. Osho on Zen Swordsmanship as a Meditation method
  5. Beloved Osho, How does the Man of Zen take his Tea?
  6. Zen Koans are for meditation to help you to go beyond mind
  7. Zen is a very creative experience; it is not like other religions
  8. Osho on Zen Master Yoka Saying "Walking in Zen, Sitting in Zen"
  9. Rather than Nyogen Senzaki and Paul Reps, listen to your own heart
  10. Osho on Zen paintings - Watching a Zen painting you will feel uplifted
  11. Osho on Kakuan Ten Bulls of Zen Paintings, Story of Zen Ten Bulls Paintings
  12. Osho - I am sitting silently doing nothing, and the weeds are growing all around me
  13. Osho on Zen Master Ekido - Ekido's tradition is one of the most significant traditions in Japan

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Osho Zen Teachings