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  What is Meditation

What is meditation for beginners
and meditation quotes

Awareness, Witnessing & Vipassana Meditation

Osho - "By becoming more aware, one becomes more aware."



Meditations from Vigyan Bhairava Tantra

Osho - ''These one hundred and twelve methods of meditation constitute the whole science of transforming mind."

Osho Active Meditation Techniques

Osho says - These meditation techniques are a Preparation to drop effort, conditioning. Real meditation happens one day on its own. But first effort is required, initial effort is essential.
Osho Passive Meditation Techniques

Osho says - Not going anywhere is meditation, just being where you are; there is no other "where" - just being there where you are, just occupying only that space where you are.
Osho Darshan Diaries Meditations

These meditations are given specifically to the Individual as per the current need by Osho. So if any meditation clicks to your heart then please do read the circumstance under which that meditation is given by Osho.
Osho Answers to Meditation Questions
Selected meditation questions asked to Osho by disciples
Jiddu Krishnamurti Meditation Discourses

Jiddu Krishnamurti - Meditation is really very simple. We complicate it. We weave a web of ideas round it what it is and what it is not.


Ramana Maharshi Self Inquiry Meditation

Ramana Maharshi Discourses and Instructions on the Practice of Self Inquiry - 'Who Am I' Meditation technique