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Jiddu Krishnamurti - Is it possible to be free from Violence

Jiddu Krishnamurti - So what is violence? How does violence arise? And there is not only physical violence, hitting each other, throwing bombs at each other, killing each other, but also there are various forms of violence. It is violence when human beings are in conflict psychologically. That is a form of violence, surely. It is another form of violence when we imitate, when we conform, when we follow - all those are indications, like being angry and so on, are a form of violence.

Right? So when we talk about violence we are not only talking about psychological factors of violence but also the physical actions of violence - hitting each other, throwing bombs at each other and so on and so on, so on. The terrorists, the totalitarian states which suppress people - all that is a form of violence. Right?

Now is it possible to be free of that violence, psychologically? Let's begin first psychologically, not physically. We are saying is it possible? It is only possible, isn't it, when you can come face to face with it and deal with it - right? - not have theories, ideals of non-violence and all the rest of it. Right? That is an escape from the fact. I want to be free from violence, therefore there must be an awareness of all the factors of violence, and observe them, not run away from them, not say, `I must change them', `I must become non-violent'. In becoming non-violent you are in conflict. Right? Because you are violent and you want to become non-violent and therefore you make an effort and that very effort is a form of violence. Can we go on from there?

So is it possible to be free of violence and look at the whole issue, the complex problem of violence, psychologically? Which means, are we imitating, conforming, adjusting ourselves to a pattern which we or others have established for us? All those are symptoms of violence, like anger, hatred, jealousy.

Now can we remain with that factor of violence and be aware choicelessly of the whole structure of violence? Will you do it? Are you doing it now? Are you doing it, sir, the questioner? Is the questioner, who put that question, is he doing it? Or is it just a theory about violence? Where there is division between man and man, woman and man, and so on there must be conflict, which is a form of violence. Nationalism and so on is a form of violence.

Obviously. When there are two dogmatic beliefs, and each trying to convert the other, oppose each other, it is a form of violence. So are we aware of this factor in our life? And when you become aware of it what are you going to do? Do you say, `Yes, I am aware of it' but carry on with violence? Therefore it becomes a very serious matter.

If one is really to be free of violence, to look at it, to live with it, to understand it, to go into it and see all the multiple forms of violence, totally be acquainted with it - and when you are acquainted with something it flowers and then withers away, you don't have to fight it.

Source: Jiddu Krishnamurti First Public Dialogue at Brockwood Park 1977

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