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          Osho Quotes on Art of Witnessing

  1. The second part of education should consist of meditativeness, of awareness, of witnessing, of love, of compassion, of creativity -- and certainly we will again be without any generation gap. The younger person will respect the older person, and not for any formal reasons but actually because the old person is respectable. He knows something beyond the mind and the young person knows only something within the mind.
  2. The watcher is your authentic being. He is your own fundamental identity. The watcher is your fundamental identity, and any other identity card that you are carrying, any other passport that you are carrying... they all are just arbitrary. The authentic identity is only one, and that is of the witnessing self, who simply sees. He is not a doer. It does not mean that things don't happen around the witness; they happen -- but they happen spontaneously, without any effort, without any tension, without any deliberate action, but just out of spontaneity. Just as flowers blossom and birds sing and trees grow... things happen around the witness spontaneously.
  3. A monk is going to spread Gautam Buddha's message. He himself is not enlightened yet; that's why Gautam Buddha calls him and tells him, "Remember, I have to say this because you are not enlightened yet... you are articulate, you speak well, you can spread the message. You may not be able to sow the seeds but you may be able to attract a few people to come to me -- but use this opportunity also for your own growth."
    The monk asked, "What can I do, how can I use this opportunity?"

    And Buddha said, "There is only one thing that can be done in every opportunity, in every situation, and that is watchfulness. You will sometimes find people irritated by you, angry because you have hurt their ideologies, their doctrines, their prejudices. Remain silent and watchful. You may have days when you cannot get food because the people are against you, they will not even give you water. Watch... watch your hunger, watch your thirst... but don't get irritated, don't get annoyed. What you will be teaching people is of less importance than your own watchfulness.

    If you come back to me watchful, I will be immensely joyful. How many people you approached does not matter; how many people you spoke to does not matter. What ultimately matters is whether you have come home, whether you yourself have found the solid basis of witnessing. Then all else is insignificant." This is the only meditation there is; all other meditations are variations of the same phenomenon.
  4. Thinking has to be stopped, but not by becoming unconscious. Thinking has to be stopped by becoming more conscious, alert, aware, so the energy that is moving in thinking moves into consciousness, and a witnessing arises in you. So remember, thinking has to be stopped not through chanting, but through becoming a witness to the thought process -- looking at it, watching it, a watcher on the hills, looking, seeing...

    If you deeply see and penetrate the words, they start disappearing. A gap comes, an interval. Clouds disappear and the blue sky is seen. You are alert, sensitive -- not in a coma. More unconsciousness has been drawn into consciousness; your flame is bigger, more vital, and you can see more, you can touch more, you can smell more. And your action takes on a new quality, the quality of divineness.
  5. Meditation, witnessing, silently sitting and looking at the mind, will be of much help. Not forcing, simply sitting and looking. Not doing much, just watching as one watches birds flying in the sky. Just Lying down on the ground and watching, nothing to do, indifferent. Not your concern really, where they are going; they are going on their own.
  6. Witnessing is the only foundation for a real authentic religion. Whatsoever is, has to be witnessed -- joyfully, ecstatically. Nothing has to be denied and rejected. All denial, all rejection, will keep you in limits and you will remain in conflict. Everything has to be accepted as it is. And you have to be a watcher. Pleasure comes -- watch. Pain comes -- watch. Neither be disturbed by pleasure nor be disturbed by pain.

    Let your calm remain unperturbed. Let your silence, your tranquillity, remain undisturbed. Pain will come and go and pleasure will come and go. Success will come and go and failure will come and go. And soon you will come to understand the point that it is only you who remains. That is eternal. This witnessing is eternal.
  7. The contents that flow in the consciousness are temporary. One moment they are there, another moment they are gone. Don't be worried about them; don't be either in favour of them or against them. Don't try to possess them, don't hold onto them, because they are going to go. They have to go. It is the very nature of things that they cannot be permanent. Something pleasant is happening. It cannot be permanent. It will have to go. And following it, something unpleasant is already getting ready to happen.

    It is the rhythm of life -- day and night, life and death, summer and winter. The wheel goes on moving. Don't hold on and don't try to make something very, very permanent. It is not possible. The more you try, the more frustrated you will become, because it cannot be done. And when it cannot be done, you feel defeated. You feel defeated because you have not understood one simple thing: nothing can be static. Life is a flux. Only one thing is eternally there and that is your consciousness, that innermost watcher.
  8. But if you don't do anything -- not willing, not knowing, not feeling -- if you just relax, then there is witnessing. Witnessing is not knowing; witnessing is totally different. In fact, it cannot be said that you are witnessing. You are not doing anything -- not even witnessing. You are just there. Things are happening. Suddenly a bird starts singing outside and you hear it -- because you are there, you hear it. There is no effort to hear it, there is no deliberate concentration for it.
  9. Once you get the knack of witnessing without judgment you will be surprised: the moment you are utterly a witness all the thoughts disappear. There is simply a plain white screen and no thoughts. This is the first experience, that you have come to the door of meditation. Just go on looking at the white screen. Don't do anything.

    Consciousness has a nature -- if it cannot find any object which prevents it, then it goes round and comes back to you. In existence everything moves in a circle. Remember that: nothing moves in a straight line. If there is no obstacle, the consciousness comes back to its own source. And the consciousness coming back to one's own source, for the first time sees who is there, who has always been there. That is your real being.
  10. While taking a shower you can try it, because it is a question of witnessing.You can witness anything, and anywhere.
  11. If you forget, there is no harm. Whenever you remember, again you start. You will forget many times, you will remember many times. There is no question of guilt; it is human. Very slowly, bigger and bigger gaps of witnessing will arise in you, and as the gaps of witnessing become bigger, your thoughts will become smaller, less. The moment your witnessing comes to a peak -- at certain times with a crystal clarity -- the thoughts will simply disappear. You will be in an absolute silence. Whatever you are doing will not be disturbed by your silence, but on the contrary, your workmanship, your creative effort will be enhanced.
  12. The energy has to be transformed, otherwise the energy will drag you down more into darkness than towards light. Do not repress anything. Whatever is natural is good. Whatever is natural is to be accepted with totality.

    You have to do just one thing: don't be against nature but just be a watcher. Just remain a witness in everything, whether it is eating, whether it is walking, whether it is making love... just remain a witness and you will be surprised. Witnessing is an absolute guarantee of transformation, and you will see the difference.

    You won't have any sexual dreams, you won't have any sexual fantasies. And if you repress, then you are going to be in trouble. Even Mahatma Gandhi, who was repressing his sexuality, at the age of seventy years was having nocturnal emissions. It is ugly. But I am grateful to him because he was truthful. He at least accepted it. Your so-called saints will not accept it.

    Repression will show itself -- there is no doubt about it. Some day or other it will bring sex to your mind, either waking or sleeping. But if the energy is transformed then you will have a radiance, a glow, a certain light around you, a certain silence surrounding you; a blissfulness, a coolness that not only you will feel but those who are open also will feel.

    If you just pass by their side they will feel that not only a person has passed but a phenomenon has passed. Something of your inner core will have touched them. Some music is bound to be heard by those who have ears. And as far as you are concerned there is an absolute distinction: you won't have any ideas, waking or sleeping, about sex.

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