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Osho on Dancing Totally and remaining Aware

Question: Beloved Osho, Can one be absorbed in doing something Ė for instance, these dynamic meditation techniques Ė with absolute total intensity, and at the same time remain a witness who is separate, apart?

Osho: The same is the problem in many forms. You think that a witness is something apart, separate. It is not. Your intensity, your wholeness, is your witness. So when you are
witnessing and doing something you are not two Ė the doer is the witness. For example, you are dancing here in kirtan. You are dancing: the dancer and the witness are not two, there is no separation. The separation is only in language. The dancer is the witness. And if the dancer is not the witness then you cannot be total in the dance, because the witness will need some energy and you will have to divide yourself.

A part will remain a witness and the remaining will move in the dance. It cannot be total, it will be divided. And this is not what is meant, because really this is the state of a schizophrenic patient Ė divided, split. It is pathological. If you become two you are ill. You must remain one. You must move totally into the dance, and your totality will become the witness. It is not going to be something set apart, your wholeness is aware. This happens. So donít try to divide yourself. While dancing become the dance.

Just remain alert; donít fall asleep, donít be unconscious. You are not under a drug, you are alert, fully alert. But this alertness is not a part standing aloof; it is your totality, it is your whole being. But this is again the same thing as whether two lovers are two or one. Only on the surface are they two, deep inside they are one. Only in language will you appear two, the dancer and the witness, but deep down you are the one. The whole dancer is alert. Then only peace, equilibrium, silence, will happen to you.

If you are divided there will be tension, and that tension will not allow you to be totally here and now, to merge into existence. So remember that, donít try to divide. Become the dancer and still be aware. This happens. This I am saying through my experience. This I am saying through many othersí experience who have been working with me. This will happen to you also. This may have happened to many already. But remember this: donít get split. Remain one and yet

Enough for today.

Source: " Vedanta: Seven Steps to Samadhi " - Osho

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