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Hsin Hsin Ming by Sosan

  1. the great way is not difficult

  2. the way

  3. reality of things

  4. cease to hold opinions

  5. the unity of emptiness

  6. to live in the great way

  7. when all things are seen equally

  8. to this ultimate finality  

  9. in this world of suchness  

  10. the way is beyond language


Hsin Hsin Ming - to this ultimate finality

Consider movement stationary
'and the stationary in motion,
and both the state of movement
and the state of rest disappear.

When such dualities cease to exist
Oneness itself cannot exist
To this ultimate finality
no law or description applies.

For the unified mind in accord with the Way
all self centered striving ceases.
Doubts and irresolution's vanish
and life in true faith is possible.

With a single stroke we are freed from bondage;
nothing clings to us and we hold nothing,
All is empty, clear, self illuminating,
with no exertion of the mind's power.

Here thought, feeling,
knowledge, and imagination
are of no value.