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Hsin Hsin Ming by Sosan

  1. the great way is not difficult

  2. the way

  3. reality of things

  4. cease to hold opinions

  5. the unity of emptiness

  6. to live in the great way

  7. when all things are seen equally

  8. to this ultimate finality  

  9. in this world of suchness  

  10. the way is beyond language




Hsin Hsin Ming - cease to hold opinions

To return to the root is to find the meaning.
but to pursue appearances is to miss the source.

At the moment of inner enlightenment
there is a going beyond
appearance and emptiness.

The changes that appear to occur
in the empty world we call real only
because of our ignorance.

Do not search for the truth;
only cease to hold opinions.

Do not remain in the dualistic state.
avoid such pursuits carefully.

If there is a trace
of this and that, the right and wrong,
the Mind-essence will be lost in confusion.

Although all dualities come from the One,
do not be attached even to this One.

When mind exists undisturbed in the Way,
nothing in the world can offend,
and when a thing can no longer offend,
it ceases to exist in the old way.

When no discriminating thoughts arise,
the old mind ceases to exist