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Osho - Meditation means the purest intelligence, uncontaminated intelligence, pure intelligence

Osho - Meditation is the greatest rebellion in the world. It is not ordinary revolution. Revolution has a political colour to it. Revolution is of the crowds rebellion is of the individual.

Revolution is of necessity political, because a crowd means politics. The communist revolution or the socialist revolution or the fascist revolution -- Russian, French, Chinese -- it does not matter what kind of revolution and what type of ideology, one thing is essential, that the crowd is there. And being part of a crowd means that you are functioning at the lowest level of intelligence.
To control the crowd, to be appealing to the crowd, to convince the crowd, you have to come down very low. You have to come down to where the crowd is. You have to speak their language. They understand violence, they understand murder. The crowd consists of collective stupidity, hence all revolutions are murderous, violent, unintelligent. But the crowd has a power of its own because ninety-nine per cent of the people are in it.

The rebel stands alone -- that's the beauty of it. A Buddha, a Zarathustra, a Jesus -- these are rebels, not revolutionaries. Karl Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Gandhi -- these are revolutionaries. They have to go with the crowd, only then will the crowd go with them. A rebel does not bother about whether anybody comes with him or not. He cannot compromise on any account; he cannot come down from his heights. He gives a call, certainly, to everybody who is receptive, but he remains on the peak. He is the ultimate peak of intelligence.

Osho on Intelligence and Meditation

Meditation means the purest intelligence, uncontaminated intelligence, pure intelligence -- not intellectuality. Intellectuality is a totally different matter. You can become an intellectual by going to university, visiting the British Museum and going to the libraries and studying scriptures. You can become an intellectual; meditation is not needed for intellect. And the intellectual goes on collecting rubbish. He becomes a great rubbish-collector; his mind is just a junkyard, and everything is borrowed.

Intelligence has nothing to do with the outside, with borrowing from the Vedas or the Bible or the Koran -- no. It is discovering one's own inner sources. It is discovering one's own centre. That's what meditation is all about: a discovery of one's own centre. And the moment you know who you are, there is a great explosion of intelligence.

Buddha is not an intellectual, neither is Jesus nor is Lao Tzu, but they are tremendously intelligent. They have the clearest insight into things, a direct insight, an immediate insight. They don't go via anything, their eyes are unclouded. There is no smoke in their mind, their flames are without any smoke -- flames of intelligence with no smoke. Hence wherever they look, wherever their light falls, they can see exactly what is, they know what is. Meditation is sharpening your intelligence, and this sharpening happens through silence. Thoughts make the intellectual; no-thought is the way to attain intelligence.

Thinking is of the head, of the mind, and the state of no-mind is the beginning of a totally new dimension in you when all thoughts cease and there is simple silence as if a full stop has come. Nothing moves, everything has stopped. Time has stopped; one is simply in the present. In that tremendous moment -- because it is the most alive moment of your life -- you discover yourself.

And that brings a rebellion to your being. You are another person totally. You are reborn. You are no more the same old person -- the old dies. You are not even continuous with the old. It is not that the old has become refined, the old has simply evaporated. You are a totally new person, a discontinuous phenomenon. With this aliveness whatsoever a person does, whatsoever he says, he is bound to be rebellious. Very few people will be able to understand him. The masses cannot understand. They will be against him, they have always been against meditators. They have been afraid of people like Jesus and Socrates and Mansoor. They have killed them for the simple reason that they could not digest their vision, they could not accept that somebody could be on such a height. To accept somebody on such a height means to accept that you are living in darkness. It is humiliating.

The mobs took revenge. They felt insulted; that's how the stupid person functions, behaves. When there is a man like Jesus, only the very few people who have a little bit of intelligence, who can see what he is, who can hear and understand, who have a little love and trust, who can go with him into the beyond, who can understand his message... They are bound to be very few. Rare people will be with a person like Jesus.

The masses, whether Jews or Hindus or Mohammedans, it does not matter -- will feel humiliated, insulted. And the only way to regain their ego is to destroy such a person, to remove him from the scene, because his very presence makes them feel guilty that they have not been doing what they should be doing, that they are not what they should be. His presence reminds them that they have missed the opportunity of life -- and they cannot forgive him.

They can worship him when he is gone but when he is alive they cannot forgive him. And because they cannot forgive him when he is alive, they are bound to worship him when he is gone. They will destroy the person themselves and then they will feel guilty again, a new guilt will arise. All these religions are born out of guilt.

The Jews killed Jesus and then started feeling guilty about what they had done. They looked at their hands and they were red with the blood of an innocent person -- and they started feeling shaken. Now the only way was to repent, worship. Worship is just a way to get rid of guilt. A very strange world this is: first you kill a person, then you worship him.

The cross even became part of their worship; the cross is worshipped. Even after two thousand years we have not forgotten the guilt; somehow everybody feels that we have been part of that conspiracy. Judas was not alone. Judas felt so guilty that the next day, within twenty-four hours, he committed suicide. But the whole of humanity has somehow felt that had a part in it -- even now, although we were not present when Jesus was killed and Socrates was poisoned and Buddha was stoned. We were not there. But we know that if a man like Buddha or a man like Jesus is here, we will do the same; hence the guilt. To cover the guilt we worship them. Worship is not religious, it is out of a guilty conscience.

The intelligent person loves such people when they are alive. The unintelligent hates such people when they are alive, it tries to destroy such people when they are alive and when they are gone, it worships them. The intelligent, when such people are gone, do not worship, there is no need; there is no guilt. When they are gone, they are gone. He searches again to see if there is somebody else who can help him. The intelligent person never becomes a Christian or a Hindu or a Mohammedan, he always tries to find an alive master -- because a dead master is no more there. Remember this: the stupid worships the dead and the intelligent searches for the alive. Initiation is possible only through an alive master. How can the dead help? You can worship them but no help is going to come.

With meditation your intelligence will start functioning -- it is dormant. And it will bring a rebellion, first in you and then it starts spreading and radiating to others. It is like wildfire. That's why I have chosen the colour of fire for my sannyasins, all the shades of fire -- I want to spread this fire all over the earth. Let this fire reach to every heart that is capable of transformation. Let the whole world go through a rebellion. It needs it; in fact it should have happened by now. We are already late. The morning has gone, the afternoon has gone. It has already become evening, the sun is almost ready to set. Any day the third world war, could end the whole thing. It is time to hurry and to transform oneself and to help others to be transformed.'

Source - Osho Book "Just the Tip of the Iceberg"

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