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Ribhu Gita Verses

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Ribhu Gita, Chapter 26 verses

One of Bhagavan Ramana's favourite traditional spiritual works was the Ribhu Gita.
The Ribhu Gita forms the sixth section of the Sanskrit work known as Siva Rahasya.
It is the teachings of Lord Siva in Mount Kailas to His devotee Ribhu, from whom the Gita derives its name. 

Bhagavan Ramana's often referred to the Ribhu Gita in his talks with devotees and seekers, and he is reported to have said that if one repeatedly read Chapter 26 of the Ribhu Gita one could pass spontaneously into Samadhi, or the natural state of Self-realization.

Bhagavan Ramana first attendant, Palaniswami had brought a copy of Ribhu Gita to Bhagavan's attention. Later in life Bhagavan related how surprised he was at the time to hear an exact description of his own state recited in the Ribhu Gita and that it had been experienced by others and was the bliss of the Self sought after by all true seekers.



  Ribhu Gita - Ramana Maharshi