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Osho - There is no difference between the Catholic's basic doctrine and the Protestant's

Question - Beloved Osho, When you talk about Christianity, You usually talk about Catholicism. Please, will you speak about protestant churches? We do not acknowledge the pope.

Osho - I certainly have avoided speaking on Protestantism, for the simple reason that the man who created it, Martin Luther, is not worth considering at all. Jesus Christ may be crazy, nuts, but Martin Luther was just a politician.

There is no difference between the Catholic's basic doctrine and the Protestant's. Why did he create so much fuss and divide Christianity into two parts? -- because he himself wanted to become the pope. Finding it difficult... and remember, he was a German, and Germans have something in them that drives them to become Adolf Hitlers; they want to be always on the top.

Just the other day one Germany journalist was asking me, "Why don't you use Mercedes-Benz?"
I asked, "Why should I use Mercedes-Benz? I have tried all the models of Mercedes-Benz, I have the latest Mercedes 500, but they don't come even close to a Rolls Royce."
He said, "This will make Germans feel very bad. The Mercedes-Benz has to be the topmost car."

Why? It is a good car; my secretary uses it. But the Rolls Royce is simply unique, no other car comes close to it. But to the Germans, it hurts. Strange, what kind of psychology is there?

Osho on Martin Luther

Martin Luther

It very much hurt Martin Luther that he was just a bishop. And no German has ever been chosen as a pope. Perhaps they were afraid that once a German becomes the pope, no one knows what he will do.... He tried hard in the beginning to be chosen a pope.

It is a good thing about popes, that by the time a person becomes a pope he is almost on his deathbed. Only this Polack who is now the pope has deceived -- Polacks are Polacks. Perhaps he has forgotten to die! Otherwise, popes have been dying after one year, two years, three years at the most. So it gave chances to other people.

Martin Luther tried many times, but he was never chosen. Then he rebelled. That's why his religion is called Protestantism. It is a protest -- the protest of a politician, the protest of a German, the protest of a man who wanted to be on the top but could not be.

But there is no difference of any significance in their theologies. They both believe in Jesus Christ, they both believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, and they both believe in his resurrection after the crucifixion. The only difference is that Catholics also worship Jesus' mother, Mary.

For this much difference, why should I bother about these people? I am hitting at the very roots. These small matters don't matter. So when I am speaking against Christianity, remember, I am not speaking only against Catholicism. I am speaking against all the sects and cults -- and there are many. I am speaking against Christianity as a whole.

Martin Luther was against the pope because he could not become the pope. You can see he was not really against the pope; he himself wanted to be the pope. It was just the old story of Aesop....

A fox was trying to catch hold of beautiful grapes, ripe, inviting. But her jump was not enough to catch hold of the grapes. She tried many times. She was not aware that a small rabbit was watching, hiding in a bush. The moment she saw the rabbit, she walked away with dignity. The rabbit said, "Auntie, what is the matter?" The fox said, "The grapes are not ripe."
That's what Martin Luther said, "The grapes are sour." If he was really against the pope, then why did he want to become the pope?

I will not accept -- even if all the Christians of the world ask me to become the pope, I will not accept it. I will not accept even if the whole world asks me to become God, the creator, the father who is... (A noise is heard on the roof of Rajneesh Mandir)... above the roof of Rajneesh Mandir. Those are just two electricians! I will not accept it. Anything that is wrong, howsoever powerful it makes you, I am not going to accept. I am fulfilled, and I am absolutely contented with myself. I have no protest, no complaint, no grudge against anybody.

It was for this simple reason that I have not talked about the Protestant section of Christianity separately. There is nothing separate about it. It is just the German mind that makes it separate and I am not in favor of this kind of German mind.

I have more sannyasins in Germany than anywhere else, for the simple reason that they have seen the ugliness of Adolf Hitler and what he did. The younger generation does not want to carry that German mind any more, and this is the only place where we can deprogram them.

We have one dozen communes in Germany. It takes a little hard work to break down the German mind, but it is worth trying, because once it breaks down the breakthrough is not far away. And once a German drops the German mind -- it takes longer for him to drop his mind, but once he drops it, he drops it forever.

Those people have guts. I love them. Sooner or later the whole of Germany is going to be red. We cannot leave Germany, for the simple reason that they are the strongest people in the world. If they can alone fight the whole world, and go on winning for five years under the leadership of a crackpot, these people are of immense value. If we can change Germany, we can change the whole world. That is the criterion: Germany in our hands, the whole world is in our hands, because nobody can have as much resistance as the Germans.

I have been experimenting, and I have been successful. Once a German has fallen in love with me, it is forever. You ask Haridas. He came to me somewhere around fifteen years ago; since then he has not left for a single moment. His old mother wanted to see him -- she had to come, he would not go. He will not leave me for a single moment. And when his mother saw the flowering of her son, the transformation, she did not wait; she immediately became a sannyasin. I have given her the name Haridasi. She is old, but a beautiful woman, very loving.

Martin Luther was the same type as Adolf Hitler. He created this schism in Christianity, but he has not contributed anything to the world -- that's why I don't criticize him. I simply ignore the fellow. He is just below me.

Source - Osho Book "From the False to The Truth"

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