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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 

Osho on Transcendental Meditators Siddhi of Flying

Question - Osho, The Transcendental Meditators have an advanced Siddhi course where they learn to fly, as they call it. I Have seen photographs of them hovering above the Ground. How they do it.

Osho - Mandira, You go to the photographic department here and learn a little bit about trick photography -- and there is nothing more in it. Krishna Bharti, Champa, they will be of immense help to you. Or if you want really a crazy man then go to Sarjano; he will teach you trick photography. It is all trick photography, nothing else -- no SIDDHI, no flying, nothing else.

But stupid people become very much interested in such sheer nonsense. If transcendental meditators can fly, what is the need for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to have an airplane? There is no need at all! We have met -- I have met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi just by accident. I was having a camp in Pahalgam in Kashmir and he was also having a camp in Pahalgam.

His disciples became very much interested and they wanted me to come to them and to talk to them, so I went there. We met. The man is simply ordinary, nothing special. And what he is teaching in the West is a very traditional thing in India; any stupid person knows about it.

Just by repeating a mantra you can create a false sense of serenity. It is just autohypnosis and nothing else. You need not go to anybody, you need not learn any Sanskrit mantra, you can just repeat your own name. Your name is Mandira -- you can simply go on repeating "Mandira, Mandira, Mandira, Mandira..." Go on repeating. If you repeat it for fifteen minutes you will feel a tranquilizing effect; it is a nonmedicinal tranquilizer.

It is good as far as tranquilizers go, but it has nothing to do with meditation. Transcendental Meditation is neither meditation nor transcendental. But now it is flopping, and because it is flopping, something new has to be invented. Now they have invented SIDDHIS and this is nothing but trick photography.

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