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Dowsing  Technique                                                                                                                                              

Nothing in life is accidental. Life flows smoothly with no jumps, breaks or accidents. Whatever we are doing in this present moment, is going to decide our future. So our future is already decided in this very moment but it is hidden from us. Normally we cannot penetrate into the future. But there are some occult sciences which help us to predict about the Future like Astrology, Tarot Cartomancy, I Ching, Oracle and Dowsing etc.

Dowsing is done with the help of a pendulum. A pendulum receives information from the vibrations and energy waves emitted by people, places, thoughts and things. The pendulum becomes our communication device between the conscious and subconscious Mind.

For thousands of years Sages have asserted that the Future exists in the present moment in a subtle way. Occult sciences like Tarot, Astrology, Dowsing etc have existed for centuries. Dowsing has been found on cave drawings estimated to be over 8000 years old. The practice of dowsing, either by pendulum or rod was used in the time of Queen Cleopatra, who's own advisors used it extensively.

The dowser first goes to the receptive, relaxed or the state of deep meditation. and then ask the question to the pendulum. The pendulum act as medium between the dowser's subconscious mind and the cosmos. The vibrations passes from the cosmos to the dowser's subconscious mind. The energy then passes to the pendulum (conscious) which is already programmed by the dowser.

The purpose of the programming of pendulum is to obtain accurate responses. The dowser establishes an agreement with the Pendulum about the meaning of its different movements. e.g. pendulum swings to clockwise for "yes" and anticlockwise for "no".

After obtaining a pendulum, whether by buying, or making one yourself, we need to program it. Some people feel it is important not to let anyone else handle our personal Pendulum, as this may interrupt the energy pattern between the pendulum and dowser.

Programming the Pendulum: we need to Hold the string or chain of pendulum between our thumb and forefinger, allowing the pendulum to dangle between 3 and 9 inches below.

Then in our normal tone of voice, or silently and mentally, instruct the pendulum which direction will indicate a "yes" response; whether clockwise, counter-clockwise, or a vertical or horizontal movement. After this, we need to instruct the pendulum to move in an opposite manner, saying this will be the "no" answer.

When seeking information from dowsing we need to talk to the pendulum as if it were a trusted friend. This helps us to keep ourselves uninvolved in the outcome of the answer. This leaves our mind free to concentrate on the action of the pendulum.

Books on dowsing have been published dating from the 16th Century. More recently dowsing has been used by the United States Military originally to locate water supplies, locating underground mines, sea  mines and tunnels in Vietnam and unexploded shells following World War 1. French physicians used it in making a diagnosis, a science called radiethesia. Dowsers are today employed by prominent oil and pharmaceutical companies.

We are all born with the ability to dowse and children especially make the best dowsers. Unfortunately through lack of knowledge, interest or confidence we do not utilize this ability which could be so useful to us in our everyday lives.

Dowsing is a very useful skill which can be utilized in every day life from asking what color shirt should I wear today, to should I change my current job. However there are some basic rules which need to be observed to get the best results. We should only use dowsing for positive reasons. We should only ask questions which relate to yourself or a partner or close relative with their permission. We should never ask questions about another person, unless asked by them.

Our questions should be clear and precise: 1."should I go to my friend's place?" This is not a precise question and should be phrased "should I go to my friend's place today ?".
2."Should I take up exercise?" should be phrased "should I take up yoga?".

We should always ask our questions when we are in a peaceful relaxed state with a clear uncluttered mind.


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