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Osho on Zen disciple Zengen Awakening


Osho: At the death of a parishioner, Master Dogo,  accompanied by his disciple Zengen, visited the bereaved family.

Without taking time to express a word of sympathy,  Zengen went up to the coffin, rapped on it, and asked Dogo, "Is he really dead?" "I won't say," said Dogo. "Well?!" insisted Zengen. "I'm not saying, and that's final!" said Dogo.

On their way back to the temple, the furious Zengen turned on Dogo and threatened, "By god, if you don't answer my question, why I'll beat you!" "All right," said Dogo, "Beat away." A man of his word, Zengen slapped his master a good one.

Some time later, Dogo died, and Zengen, still anxious to have his question answered, went to the master Sekiso, and after relating what had happened, asked the same question of him.

Sekiso, as if conspiring with the dead Dogo, would not answer. "By god!" cried Zengen. "You too?" "I'm not saying," said Sekiso, "and that's final." At that very instant Zengen experienced an awakening.

Source: from Osho Books

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